Art Matters

My work is inspired by history and by the sense of place and community. I am interested in experimenting with different mediums and processes including painting on Canvas, Wood and Silk, as well as traditional and digital drawing, etching, constructing sound sculptures, installations and photography. My favourite painting mediums are oil and watercolours.


 I teach art history and art practice.  I believe that art is important and its techniques and histories should be available for everyone to learn and appreciate.

My recent work has involved creating images, using paint and photography, inspired from Kingston’s heritage collection, to investigate the history of working class people, and whether such hidden histories can be revealed by art practice.

I have completed two artist’s residencies, one at St Elisabeth Hospice, Ipswich in 2011 and the second at Thorpe Hall Hospice in Peterborough in 2015. The first resulted in a series of acrylic paintings and a sound Installation using individual memories. The second commission involved researching Peterborough’s historic photographic collections and creating a series of photographs recording Thorpe Hall, a seventeenth Century house.

Influenced by Renaissance techniques and by craft practitioners of the 19th and 20th Century I began in 2014 to paint wooden boxes and silk scarves.

As well as still painting larger works I want to use traditional methods to construct small works of art that can be collected by ordinary people…. many people haven’t the room to have paintings in their homes but in combining useful objects with original hand painted images I hope to make art objects that are both accessible and affordable.

I am drawn to figurative art, inspired by artists such as Kuniyoshi. Bacon, Dumas, Caravaggio, Kitaj, Kentridge and Richter.

My past projects have included a series of oil paintings inspired by Flemish renaissance painters, exploring techniques as well as the portrayal of women in Northern European religious iconography.

A previous project included a series of installations recreating women’s spaces in a series of memorials constructed from temporary sculptures in different locations across the South East of England.

I have used the etching process to complete a series of prints depicting the London student protests in 2010. In 2014 I began experimenting with Litho Prints. Recently I worked on egg tempera painting, gilding and Indian miniature painting.